Message of Enlightened Mystic Samdarshi

Satya Sadhana Sansthan

Satya sadhana sansthan

Satya Sadhana Sansthan is founded by Master Samdarshi to help seekers from around the world to learn and immerse in meditation, commune in His presence, and receive Sannyas (Initiation) from Him. Master Samdarshi meets disciples for Satsang daily at 10:30am in the Buddha Hall and takes them on the journey inward. After Satsang the Master meets the seekers individually who seek to meet Him to receive His blessings, ask for guidance or seek His assistance in their inner journey. One may often get chance to have lunch with the Master under the cozy setup in the dining area.

Meditation happens at Satya Sadhana Sansthan from 6am and goes on until evening. Apart from daily meditation, periodically Master also organises meditation camps lasting 3 days, and intensive meditation processes such as Seven Steps to Samadhi and Satori which are offered in groups of atleast 10 seekers. 

Satya Sadhana Sansthan is situated in Tapovan, Rishikesh and has a spacious meditation hall (Buddha Hall), few rooms for accommodation, and a kitchen cum dining hall. 

If you wish to stay at the Meditation Centre, please ask directly at the Centre upon your arrival as there is only limited accomodation available.


The abode of gods

Rishikesh, situated on the banks of the mystic river Ganga (or Ganges) has been, for ages, the abode of meditators who have sat in the lap of Himalayas to seek union with Divine, to become One with the Ultimate and to know oneself. From the time of Lord Shiva, to this day, meditators in intense thirst for enlightenment have arrived in Rishikesh and meditated in its holy milieu. 

Satya Sadana Sansthan is located in the midst of Shivalik Hills near the Ganga and the iconic Laxman Jhula. The surrounding verdure of hills, the briskly meandering Ganga, and the serene atmosphere of the holy city contribute to meditator's spiritual quest. One may see many seekers and saints clad in saffron walking past as one saunters in the city. There are many spiritual organisations, temples, and places of meditation in the city offering a unique spectacle of Indian spiritual tradition, Himalayan beauty and historical grandeur.


From Delhi (New Delhi train station)
• Train no.12017 SHTABDI Express Dep. Time 6.50 AM - Destination Haridwar - Arrival Time 11.25 AM - Travel Time 4.35 hours
• Train no.12055 DDN JANSHTBDI Express Dep. Time 3.25 PM - Destination Haridwar - Arrival Time 7.30 PM - Travel Time 4.05 hours
You may then take a local bus, taxi, or rickshaw to Rishikesh (30 kms).

From Delhi to Rishikesh, approx. 5.30 hours.

From Interstate Bus Stand (Delhi), take a local bus to Rishikesh. Buses leave every half hour and take approximately 7 hours.

From Delhi to Dehradun Airport, 45 min. You may then hire a taxi to Rishikesh (30 mins approx). 

Satya Sadhana Meditation Centre is located opposite Baba Balaknath Mandir, near Ayur Pak Hotel in Tapovan area of Rishikesh. The nearest landmark is Laxman Jhula.