Message of Enlightened Mystic Samdarshi

Satya Sadhana Sansthan


Donations are welcome to Satya Sadhana Sansthan for its ongoing works of charity and meditation programs. The various charity activities undertaken by Ashram are the following: 

  • ​​Meditation retreats, intensive meditative therapies, and satsang through out the year for seekers from all over the world. 
  • Meditation retreats and Satsang throughout during Guruji Samdarshi's tours to various nations.
  • Offering of food, blankets and other accessories to spiritual seekers (Sadhu) 
  • Donation is also required for construction of new ashram with facilities of meditation hall, silent and isolated retreats, and accommodation for seekers.

The process of offering donation to the ashram is as outlined below:


  • Please write an email to the ashram's official email account expressing your wish to donate, if you are donating for the first time. 
  • The ashram office will send you the account details of the ashram which you may kindly use as beneficiary to your bank account.
  • Use Netbanking to initiate a transfer the desired donation amount. 
  • Email to the ashram official account the transaction ID along with your full name, full address, donation amount, date of transaction, your contact number, email ID, PAN number and a screenshot of the transaction made. Each one of these items must be present in the mail for your donation to be accepted.
  • Ashram will respond back with the acknowledgement of the receipt of the donation and tax deduction certificate (80G)
  • If you have donated previously, you can use the ashram's account details you already have to make the donation. 
  • After donating, please send a mail to with full name, full address, donation amount, date of transaction, your contact number, email ID, PAN number, transaction ID and a screenshot of the transaction made



  • ​​We are under the process of receiving ​FCRA approval from to receive donations from foreign citizens. We shall post the instructions for receiving foreign donations soon.